Dreaming of knitting Again….

I have been having thoughts of knitting again…I wish I could say that knitting was a red hot passion of mine that burned deep with in my soul, but the truth of the matter is, I fall in and out of love with knitting all the time. 

I adore knitted lace. The look of it, the feel of it….it leaves my heart captivated. Lately I have been dreaming of making knitted doilies. There is just something about them that captures my imagination to the point of where I want to make every single one I see a pattern for! 

What is on your needles? 


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of knitting Again….

  1. I love knitted lace too, I’ve just never been able to knit even with thick yarn, so trying it with thread and tiny needles is out of the question for me. 🙂 I love the doily that you knitted as a test pattern (the one on 6/10)!

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